First and foremost is the safety of everyone who could be affected by the activities and the ESF Team are working closely with the responsible authorities to ensure that we only deliver events that protect our guests, the community and our NHS. The scope of the festival has been specifically designed to allow the team to respond to both the tightening and lifting of restrictions.

One of the key areas will be in the management of capacities and we will be releasing tickets in phases so that we can manage the numbers onsite as we wait for more input from central government in relation to the potential lifting of restrictions after the 21st June. All ticket purchases are protected and if there is any need to cancel an event in the programme, we will refund all ticket money.

Lots of work is being undertaking to ensure that the cleanliness of the site is maintained throughout the shows and we will have plenty of staff on hand to assist anyone with any concerns. Additional barrier and fencing will be deployed across the site to allow for safe queue lanes and stewards will direct people to maintain social distancing, if required at the time of the event.

We are really excited about the programme this summer, but we will not let that get in the way of protecting the borough and beyond. Please do get in touch if you have any queries or concerns.

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If you have something you would like to share or you would like more information about getting involved in the event (as a trader, worker, performer or sponsor) then drop us a line.

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