Scott Capurro

Ealing Comedy Festival
Friday 22.07.16
Main stage, 19:45

Scott Capuro admires Scotland so much he named the country after his great uncle, Randolph Scott. Sadly Randolph never stuck, so the locals, over their pints, characteristically chose the briefest and easiest way out.

Since then, in a faerie land where English is ne’er spoken, Scott has pushed his mother tongue, and, in 1994, he miraculously won the Perrier Award with his magical show Risk Gay, an installation/performance piece chronicling the power of wind, where Scott mimed a glittering chime.

Scott has written for several newspapers, including The Guardian, The London Times and the Scotsman; and for various magazines, like The Index on Censorship, which isn’t half as stuffy as it sounds. Kidding. It actually is. AND he currently has a monthly column in Gay Times, a British glossy that hired him because he’s – you guessed it – ghettoized.

His book, Fowl Play, a comedy novel about murder and date rape, received good reviews and it is out of print. Currently, he’s working on a second novel about the making of a Broadway musical, entitled Runt. And there’s a third novel, Loaded, based on his play about his correspondence with killer Erik Menendez, which the English press called ‘sick and dangerous’.

Wait, it gets better: He’s on all sorts of British television programs, most of which are too embarrassing to mention, although 8 Out of Ten Cats is a hit, even when he’s a guest. His stand up CD, some of which is included in this web site, was released in the UK, his second home, to enormous fanfare, and very limited sales.  Currently he’s hosting a live chat show in London, letting his famous friends do all the work.



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