Mandy Knight

Ealing Comedy Festival
Friday 15.07.16
Main stage, 19:45

Mandy Knight attended the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and is a fully-trained classical actress. She decided to work in stand-up comedy thanks to a deep fear of ending up in crap fringe theatre, where actors spend their time in rehearsals running around and exploring their inner child with the use of a silk scarf and a tambourine.

After almost 20 years as a comedian, Mandy Knight remains one of the most respected and loved stand-ups in the business by fellow comics, promoters and punters alike. What draws many people to her, on stage, screen and radio, is the personal nature of much of her comedy as in between the laughs she shares with the audience some of her memories of a less happy past that included alcoholism, drugs and relationship train-wrecks. But, as the lady says, it wasn’t all laughs.

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